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Welcome to NOLA Massage Therapy

Featuring Josie’s Apothecary

Person centered Massage Therapy services. Every session offers a variety of massage techniques to help RELAX, RECOVER and RESTORE you towards good health

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Why choose NOLA Massage Therapy

 Hi, I'm Daniell, therapist at NOLA Massage Therapy. My journey into massage began18 years ago. The knowledge and experiences I gained as a student at Blue Cliff College afforded me an opportunity to parlay my skills into a thriving career. Providing affordable solution-based massage and bodywork has always been the goal for my clients. I’ve worked alongside Chiropractors, Midwives, Family Counselors and other healthcare professionals providing Massage as a tool to manage pain, stress and a host of other issues. I am looking forward to you joining me on this journey of wellness and welcome to NOLA Massage Therapy.

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What clients Are Saying

Excellent service!


wonderful and very relaxing experience!!


The session was great. It was relaxing and informative. I highly recommend it


Massage therapist very friendly and knowledgeable. After my session my legs felt better. She also let me know where the tension was and what I could do at home to relieve it. I will be back.


Daniel is a very good practitioner who is also full of insightful wisdom... I would recommend her every time.


Lovely and peaceful and I highly recommend!!!


My experience today was amazing! The Reflexology practitioner worked "from the inside out" -- stimulating the nervous system to release pain, stiffness and swelling in my feet that no other massage therapist or reflexology professional could ever do since my injury in 2003. She was very knowledgeable and explained the benefits a reflexology session will have on my organs and general health. Thank you Lord for directing me to her!


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